Building and designing pools - It's what we do!  Let us take you through the pool building experience: from design to start up.


Costs can vary tremendously. Variables such as location, special features, weather and size can all affect the cost.  Please submit our "Information Request" form and we will contact you.  From there we can discuss your ideas and look at pricing.

When is the best time to build a pool?

If you know Colorado, then you know about Halloween snowstorms and 70 degree days in November.  Don't let the time of year slow you down.  In the perfect world, building a pool takes between 4 to 8 weeks from excavation.  Add in some time at the beginning for designing your pool: shape, size and picking out tile colors. There is no better time than now to get started.

Get Started!

What do I need to get started?

Money -Colorado Pools, Inc. bills you in a series of invoices as the project moves forward.  Be wary of companies that want your money prior to starting your job.

Permits -Leave this to us.  Colorado Pools, Inc. will pull all the required permits and will arrange all the necessary inspections.

Design - No Worries! Colorado Pools, Inc. has been building pools for over 36 years.  Let us use our extensive experience to help you create the best water experience for you space. Each property is unique and our design expert will work with you to find the best location while taking into consideration zoning requirements.  

And if there is a problem?

Warranties are very important. At Colorado Pools, Inc. we provide you with the strongest guarantee in the swimming pool industry. We are confident in the product we build, and we offer a warranty that backs it up. Colorado Pools Inc. offers both a structural warranty and a manufactured equipment warranty.  With over 36 years of building experience in Colorado, you can be certain that we will be there to warranty your pool, should the need arise. 


Colorado Pools, Inc. understand that the number one priority of any homeowner is the safety of their family and guests.  

We highly recommend an automatic pool safety cover as your number one choice for security.  It not only keeps children and pets out of your pool when you are not there, but it also keeps the pool clean and minimize heat loss.

Wrought iron fencing and other pool barriers are available with self-closing and latching gates that help provide necessary security. There are also pool alarms and pool cameras with attached alarms that turn on with motion at poolside and set off an alarm in the house.  However, there is no substitution for parental guidance around pools and spas. 


In the past, pool maintenance was more a chore. But because of today's technology and conveniences, owning a swimming pool is easier than owning a vehicle! Pool chemical testing, cleaning, and programmed filtration and heating can all be automated. Automatic pool cleaners and various sanitizing devices also make your pool easy to maintain. Please see our "Go Green" page for information on products we recommend.

Start up

Upon completion of a pool, Colorado Pools, Inc. will check all of the systems.  We make sure everything was done according to plans and that YOU are 100% satisfied.

And the best place to buy pool party invitations?

Just don't forget to invite us!  We are confident that you will enjoy your new pool for years to come!